Mike Zapata '00

  •  Name: Michael R. Zapata
  • Class Year: 2000
  • Major: B.S. Industrial Distribution
  • Occupation: Value Investor
  • How long have you been in NY?: 7 year

What is the biggest milestone in your career to date?

I’ve been fortunate to have had a couple of professions. In my former life as a Navy SEAL, the milestone was a Troop Commander at one of our nations top commands, Naval Special Warfare Development Group. In my current profession, I’m the founder and CIO for Sententia Capital Management, LLC, a value investing hedge fund in New York.

Interesting factoids about your current industry.

Most managers shy away from companies that we look at. We are essentially looking for 50 cent dollars and tend to be attracted to under followed and under appreciated stocks. 

Your favorite New York memory.

It was my first weekend in New York. My wife, Andrea (girlfriend at the time), took me on a walking tour of the city. We started in East Village at Momofukos, and proceeded to hit restaurants and bars all the way up through 9th avenue on the Upper West Side. You could feel the pulse of the city and how diverse and alive it was. Loved that weekend.

Your current New York Wishlist

Our goal is to own in the city. We want a little piece for our family to be able to visit as life progresses.

One thing you wished you knew when you first started in New York.

Parking is expensive! I couldn’t convince myself to pay $400/month on parking so I attempted to park my Tacoma on the street and switch sides every day or so for the street sweeper. Several tickets later, I sold the truck and decided to stay with my Ducati.