Marissa Piloto '16

  • Name: Marissa Piloto
  • Class Year: 2016
  • Major: Masters of Science Athletic Training
  • Occupation: Athletic Trainer
  • How long have you been in NY?: 1.5 years

What is the biggest milestone in your career to date?

Thus far, being able to take on the role with sports at the professional level. I have always dreamed of working with Professional level athletes and having this role has been more than amazing- at different level of play athletes have varying attitudes towards the sport and being able to work with people at such a high level of competition allows for their passion and drive to really show. 

Interesting factoids about your current industry.

I work on the Entertainment side of the Industry, so not with the group of athletes most people think of but the Dancer, Break Dancers, and Dunk Squads- so at any given moment I can be on a movie set, helping fix a costume or testing fly gear moving people through the air.

Your favorite New York Memory.

Running the NYC Marathon- seeing all the faces and spirit of New Yorkers throughout the 5 boroughs shows just how one event can bring the whole city together- everyone feels like you can walk the streets of the city and never interact with anyone, but I got to see a different side of the city and crossing the finish line made me feel so accomplished and part of something way bigger than myself.

Your current New York Wishlist.

Growing up right out side of New York I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the city. So my wish list looks a little different as I continue to dig further in further into the undiscovered parts of NYC- but my top ToDo is to see a show at each of the oldest live music venues still around today!

One thing you wished you knew when you first started in New York.

That everyone has made it here on hard work and devotion to success- you have to show up everyday and bring your A game.