Visar Gashi '03

  • Name: Visar Gashi
  • Class Year: 2003
  • Major: Computer Engineering
  • Occupation: Tech Consultant / Entrepreneur
  • How long have you been in NY?: Living in Manhattan for almost 4 years, in the metro area for 11 years


What is the biggest milestone in your career to date?

I developed my first software product in 1995, and have delivered a great number of tech solutions for large and small clients since. I reached the biggest milestone, however, when I founded Polymath Labs, a Technology Professional Services company earlier this year. While I have built high performing teams and delivered as many tech solutions in the past, I now get to build a team entirely based on my philosophy and get to keep and grow along with the same team over a long period of time. Solving technical problems will be the easy part in the next few years, I am now entirely responsible for the careers and financial well being of my team members, which is a new and exciting phase in my professional journey.

Interesting factoids about your current industry.

Being in the technology professional services space requires an industry agnostic viewpoint, and our clients and prospects span across industries. A fairly well known, but perhaps not always top-of-mind general factoid, is that every business today is a technology business. That, combined with the maturing of Artificial Intelligence technologies, is going continue to present opportunities, and social challenges in the years to come.

Your favorite New York Memory

During a summer while still at A&M, I took a trip to NYC to visit a friend. While he was at the office, I decided to be a tourist and explore the city. I climbed the Empire State building, had great tiramisu at Union Square, and made my way to Battery Park. Finally, I went to have a drink at Windows on the World, a restaurant in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The whole experience was unique, it's not typical of me to explore without plans or a strategy. But what made this memory etched in my memory is that it happened in August of 2011. 

Your current New York Wishlist

A few years ago I had started learning photography. An early morning city photo shoot has been on my wish list for a long time.

One thing you wished you knew when you first started in New York.

My wife and I both grew up the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina. In the US, however, we lived in the suburbs for many years. Each year our lease was up for renewal we discussed possibly moving to the city, and we finally did it in 2014. We already knew our social life would improve, but had we known that NYC can be family friendly and relatively quiet (upper west side), we would have moved long ago.