2017 New York Aggie Officers

As the largest club outside of Texas, the New York Aggies represent one of the most eclectic and welcoming clubs in the country. Started in 1969, this club has seen a lot of changes, both to Texas A&M and to New York City. But through it all, our mission hasn't changed: 

To establish and maintain scholarships for needy and worthy students; to assist the community, the University and the Association in any worthy undertaking to the best of our ability as a club and as individuals; and to maintain and encourage the fraternal spirit of friendliness and helpfulness that is traditional among A&M Former Students.

At this year's Post-Holiday Party, the New York Aggies voted in the 2017 Officers and the next chapter of this historic and red ass Aggie Club began. 

Serving as President is Andy Ellwood '04. Andy has lived in New York for going on 8 years and works in the startup world, helping build and grow technology companies. His is currently Cofounder and President of Basket. Andy's charge to the club at the elections this year was to make this club the most inclusive, inviting, and welcoming club in the country, not just outside of Texas. (Watch out Dallas and Houston - we're coming for you) 

Serving as Executive Vice President is Ashley Powell '11. Ashley most recently served as Vice President of Activities and was responsible for some some of the most well attended and creative events in New York Aggies' history last year. Ashley works in Investor Relations for a large private equity company in New York, but is found most frequently hosting visiting Aggies and members of the club for spontaneous meet ups and impromptu yell practices.

Serving as Secretary is Dana Dunn '07. Dana is originally from San Antonio, TX and works in with Chase Bank in their home lending department here in New York City. Representing the Brooklyn constituency of the New York Aggies, Dana is a welcome new addition to this year's Officers and the reigning starting shortstop and clean up batter for the Kick 'Em Aggies, our Club's summer kickball team. 

Serving as Vice President of Finance is Mike Zapata '00. Mike is returning for another tour of duty making sure the New York Aggies keep their financial house in order. His experience working in the financial markets in New York City and the discipline of being a member of the Corp of Cadets while at Texas A&M have served the club well in this role and we're excited to have him back for another year. 

Serving as Vice President of Scholarships is Nate Bays '13. When it comes to passion for the New York Aggies' purpose, no one brings more passion than Nate. We are thrilled to have Nate serving again this year to help us identify and to award scholarships to worthy students in the Greater New York area on behalf of the club. When not rapping the club, Nate works in oncology research and can be found attending many live music events around NYC.

Serving as Vice President of Activities is Jordan Knesek '14. Since the day Jordan arrived in New York, she's been in the middle of activities of every kind so welcoming her to the this year's Officers was a very natural transition. Jordan previously chaired our Muster committee and might hold the record for most new New York Aggie recruits in a single year.  Jordan is all about people activities outside of the club as well working in employee development for the Fox News Channel.

If you see anyone of the Officers of the New York Aggies at an event, at a meet up, or out and about in New York City, please say Howdy. We are committed to making this huge city the friendliest and most welcoming place for Fightin' Texas Aggies and we hope you'll join us for the incredible year of good bull, red ass, hullabaloo that we are planning. 

If you want to get more involved in the club and take a more active role in making the New York Aggies the best club in the country, please send a note to President@NewYorkAggies.com and we'll find a place for you to serve that works for your schedule and your interests!

Thanks and Gig 'Em!

Your 2017 Officers