New York Aggies Membership Update!



My name is Meg King '14 and I am proud to be serving as this year's VP of Membership for the Club! As you know, Aggies are big on tradition, and one of our biggest jobs is keeping the spirit of Aggieland alive here in New York City. We put our left-feet-over-right to sing the War Hymn, honor fallen Aggies at Muster every 21st of April, and wear our class rings proudly despite our co-workers' confusion. That said, we're starting a new tradition! This year the New York Aggie Membership schedule is changing (ssss!) in order to make it easier on the officer team and YOU (whoop!). 

Moving forward, Memberships will begin and expire in August for everyone. If you renew your Membership today, it will be good until August 2019! We will be honoring all Memberships bought in June and July 2018. If you have any questions about your Membership status, please reach out to me at 

If you haven't paid your membership in the past couple months, then that means you can be amongst the first to jump back in for this year of New York Aggie Membership.  Why become a member? Great question, here are just a few of the wonderful answers:

  • Represent the Aggie Network in the Big Apple! 
  • Discounts to New York Aggie events 
  • Exclusive Football Season Drink Specials only available to official members- (our new game watch bar is enforcing this big time this year!)

You've got two options to join up:

  • Individual Member - $35.00 HERE
  • OR get your Membership and New York Aggie's t-shirt for $45.00 HERE

It is now easier than ever: just go to our website and three clicks later, you're signed up until August 2019!

Thanks and Gig 'Em!

Meg King '14 - VP of Membership - New York Aggies