New Club Involvement Opportunities

The 2018-2019 Officer year is wrapping up, and we're so excited to announce a new structure and slate for our 2019-2020 Officer team!

Our goal is to create a focused, empowered, and supportive team structure so that we can continue to grow the best club outside of the great state of Texas!

Here are the roles and high-level responsibilities of each - if you’re interested, please email by Monday, August 19th, 2019.


EVP Member Engagement - Goal is to engage current members and grow membership; oversee VP team

  • VP of Events - focused on engagement with members

  • VP of Campus Relations - responsible for partnerships with campus organizations; manage NYC-based events when organizations visit NYC

  • VP of New Members - responsible for recruiting, outreach, onboarding

EVP Marketing - Goal is to streamline branding and build strong internal communication with members + external promotion; oversee VP team

  • VP of Communication - manages social media, newsletters, website

  • VP of Merchandise - responsible for all swag, promotion, sales

EVP Foundation - Goal is to create fundraising opportunities that significantly grow our ability to provide more scholarships; oversee VP team

  • VP of Scholarships - responsible for all outreach, process, selection, engagement

  • VP of Fundraising - manages special events/fundraising initiatives

EVP Finance - Goal is to manage and grow funds; maintain records pertaining to the club non-profit status