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2018 Officer applications for the New York Aggies are open! As a club, we are coming off another record breaking year and 2018 is going to be even bigger and have even more opportunities to make an impact. As our Club continues to be the largest and fastest growing Club outside the state of Texas, we need your help to represent the School We Think So Grand. 

If you'd like to serve the Club and help grow the New York Aggie reputation and impact, we would love to have you apply. Our hope is that serving as an Officer is a truly rewarding experience for you and opens up doors personally and professionally unlike any other service opportunity out there. 

The 2018 Officer positions up for election:

  • Executive Vice President
  • Secretary 
  • Vice President - Activities
  • Vice President - Community Relations
  • Vice President - Finance
  • Vice President - Membership
  • Vice President - Scholarships
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Andy Ellwood ’04 - President

From: Plano, TX
In NYC: Manhattan, West Village
What I did at A&M: Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow, Fish Camp, MSC Development Council, Christian Business Leaders
What I do in NYC: Cofounder and President of Basket, Founding Trustee of Exosphere Foundation

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Dana Dunn '07 - Secretary

From: San Antonio, TX
In NYC: Brooklyn
What I did at A&M: Studied economics
What I do in NYC: Home Lending - Chase

Mike Zapata ’00 - Vice President – Finance

From: San Antonio, TX
In NYC: Manhattan, UWS
What I did at A&M: SEAL Platoon, Corps of Cadets (K-2)
What I do in NYC: Sententia Capital Management

Nate Bays ’13 - Vice President – Scholarships

From: Ponder, TX
In NYC: Manhattan, Chelsea
What I did at A&M: Biology
What I do in NYC: Oncology research 

Jordan Knesek ’14 -  Vice President - Activities

From: Born in San Antonio, raised in La Grange, Texas
In NYC: Manhattan, Soho
What I did at A&M: Fish Aides, Fish Camp, Delta Gamma, Horizons Program, Business Honors FBI, Business Fellows Program, Titans of Investing, Muster Committee, Maroon Coats
What I do in NYC: Employee Development - Fox News Channel

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly ’05 -  Vice President - Community Relations

From: Sugarland, TX
In NYC: Manhattan, Sutton Place
What I did at A&M: SGA Exec Council, Muster Committee, Fall Leadership Conference, LINK Conference, FLDR, MSC Fish Council, Brotherhood of Christian Aggies, MSC Hospitality
What I do in NYC: Cofounder and President of Bridge Power